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Monday, September 25, 2017

Brenda Palms-Barber : CEO of Sweet Beginnings who help ex-convicts reenter the society

Thepycam — Brenda Palms-Barber was hired to help ex-convicts to reenter society and keep them from going back into prison.

Currently tax payers spend about $60000 a year for every person which is sent to jail. We know 2/3 of them will definitely go back to jail.

” I find it interesting that for every one dollar we spend on early childhood education, we save $17 on stuffs like incarceration in the future. $60000 is more than what it cost to send one person to Harvard University.

Brenda was not being faced by stuff like that take a look at her challenge and came up with a not so obvious solution. She created a business the produces skin care products from honey. She hired seemingly unemployable men and women to care for the bees, harvest the honey and make value added products that they marketed themselves that are latter sold at whole foods.

She combined employment experience and training and with life skills they needed like like anger-management and teamwork and also how to talk to future employers and how their experiences actually demonstrated the lessons that they have learned.

Less than 4% of the folks that went through her program actually go back to jail. So this en and women learned job readiness and skill through bee keeping became productive citizens in the process.



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