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Thursday, August 17, 2017


A Long History of Heartbreak Shadows the Cubs’ Dominant Season

The Cubs’ Matt Szczur, center, scored the winning run against the Marlins on Aug. 3, part of an 11-game win streak through Friday, the team’s longest in 15 years. CHICAGO — As Chicago Cubs outfielder Chris Coghlan dug in for a full-count, two-out, bases-loaded pitch from St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Carlos Martinez, he was concerned

At Rio Olympics, the National Anthem Sounds … Sad?

DeBord, who spent 16 years on Broadway as a conductor and pianist, is on the faculty at the University of Michigan’s department of musical theater. He is the first to admit that few people are likely to notice, let alone be bothered by, the elements of the song that annoy him. But when he posted

3 Walmart Employees Have Been Charged In The Death Of A Shoplifter

Talk about going hard for Walmart on barely a minimum wage salary. Too often Walmart security go over the top when dealing with shoplifters as if the shoplifters are stealing their personal belongings. This isn’t the first time a Walmart employee has gotten themselves in hot water for being overly aggressive when dealing with shoplifters.

Police Forbid BLM Activists To Pick Up Trash In Black Community

The police in Fairfield pulled over BLM activist, Southall who out of benevolence, was picking up trash in the community. The refuse has been sitting in the garbage cans for some time now without being disposed of. It had now bred rodents and maggots; leaving the community in a foul odor. The residents in Fairfield

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