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Thursday, August 17, 2017

An African American, Insurance agent who sells Life insurance to help Struggling Families

Life Insurance: He has been helping families since 1994. In 2009 he changed careers to helped people in a new way. Robbert Macneil is an insurance agent with Liberty National

Interviewer: You have a long history of helping people.
Robbert Macneil: Yes i do
Interviewer: Tell us about it.
Robbert Macneil: ” I started when i was young, i was a volunteer councilor. I got my masters degree in chemical sociology. And from there i went on to helping families, with parenting, drug prevention and a whole lot of other things.”
Interviewer: Why insurance?
Robbert Macneil: “Well i found that how important the whole insurance thing was when i had a close family member deid. And ofcourse no amount of mony could ever bring him back to life, but it really help myself and my wife to kind of get some investments to do somethings that we probably would not have done otherwise. I want to help people do is leave a legacy for their next generation”

Robbert Macneil is an insurance agent at Liberty National. He said Liberty National was the only company he found client centered. “Is not just about giving you a quote when you come up for a coverage. It is more of lets seat down, lets talk to se4e exactly when is going on and what you really need and what you dont need.

“When someone contacts me, about insurance coverage the first thing i talk about is their family,what they really want to need as finances are concern. From there we go over each of their appeals, whether there is credit debt,etc. “

My business is word of mouth. We sell life insurance, cancer care and also critical illness. Of more than half of families in America, will go bankrupt from dealing with health care issues. A lot of times people will have insurance, but there are some expenses that have to be dealt with.

The secrete to my success is being more concern about the client in the bottom line, and a lot of people say that has real property say, i really feel that and that is the way in feel. Any hard working family can be able to leave something for the next generation.

It is important to have an expert to guide you through financial and insurance decisions, but expertise alone is not enough, you need to work with someone who has your best interest at heart, someone like Robbert Macneil at Liberty National.



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