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Monday, September 25, 2017

Meet Gabrielle Jordan Williams – at age 7, Started her Jewelry Company

From the time she was born my parents always knew two things about me. One was she was a Redskins fan and She never wanted to work for anyone.

“I guess I inherited that from six generations of entrepreneurship. Gabrielle Jordan Williams began her entrepreneurial journey at age 7. She had a dream to start my own jewelry.

Gabrielle Jordan Williams has always loved Rory and she spent hours watching Youtube videos and she also spend a lot of time looking at magazines for design ideas.

When She started to wear her pieces to school, her friends would buy them right off of from her and that’s when she started her own jewelry business. In the beginning she was afraid that no one will want to buy her jewelry. So her mom gave her a book called Who Moved My Cheese.

“In the book one thing really set out to me , it said what would you do if you weren’t afraid so i wrote this down and I put on my bedroom wall so i could think about what i need to do to overcome my fears”

And once she overcame her fear she moved forward and created Jewels Of Jordan at the age of 9 years old. In her first event this is what she had to say when she was working inside the event room.

“when I walked in the room the first thing I noticed were all the adult vendors and thought i wasn’t going to sell anything. I saw vendors selling jewelry that i remember seeing in my moms magazines.

The host at the event told her that she was going to pass around Microphone and allow each vendor talk for themselves

The she said “That’s my face became hot and red and I felt like I was going to faint because i didn’t know what i was going to say as the microphone start to go around. I felt like it was moving in rapid speed as it came to me. All I was able to say to the audience was just about my story. “

After talking to the microphone she sat down and started waiting for the event to be over but to her surprise people started coming up to her, “saying all you did great”

“I just thought are they crazy”, she said

She sold everything , all the jewelery she brought at the event, which made her to go home and work hard for her business to progress. That gave her more confident to move ahead with her dreams.

“Now having a business is not always fun I understand that the mistakes that happen remind me to be more humble and discipline to my work if I want to make a difference but we also remind me how thankful. I am to have a family that tell me when I mess up they don’t lie to me and tell me that it’s okay”.

Her family will always tell her the truth and that is why she was able to improve in her business very much. A lot of bad things went wrong during her journey but she was able to overcome all the challenges. She lost money, and also got sick and many much challenges.

“The mistakes that i make reminds me that life is so unpredictable, but i remember to always stay confident in myself and in my dreams”

If you wish to know more about her business CLICK HERE. If you knew about her from this blog post please don’t forget to share the site when you contact her.



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