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Monday, September 25, 2017

New Jersey Prosecutors Request More Black Teens to be Tried as Adults Than Any Other Race

Do you know you still a slave with some limited rights? For God sake is there no law that will put an end to this modern day slavery? You have got to stand up and put this to an end.

In the state of New Jersey, it’s not uncommon for minors to be tried as adults for crimes like drug trafficking, robbery and homicide. This only happens at the request of a prosecutor, however, and often depends on the color of the defendant’s skin, according to a newly released report.

An analysis conducted by WNYC Radio found that the majority of prosecutors’ requests for juveniles to be tried as adults were made for African-American teens. In addition, the study revealed that roughly 93 percent of the teens prosecuted as adults in New Jersey in 2011 were either Black or Latino.

Data obtained by WNYC Radio showed that approximately 692 minors in New Jersey were tried as adults in the past five years — the youngest being just 14 years old. Not all of them were indicted or sent to prison, but WNYC Radio found that almost 152 inmates were still stuck behind bars for crimes they committed when they were juveniles. About 20 percent of them are currently serving sentences of 10 years or more.



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