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Monday, September 25, 2017

From Nothing To Something : Meet ERIC THOMAS African American who is in public speaking

ERIC THOMAS grew up in the city of Detroit when it was at it financial boom. During this period Detroid was a very lively city, the economic boom was at it highest point and everything was moving just fine. This was the rebirth of th city. During the seventies he had the finest things and life seemed to be very easy.

During the seventies the car industries where booming, all the big things where happening in Detroit, and LA. Seventies where really a good time for him, a lot of going on during this period and life was very easy for him.

As a kid he loved football. He was a fan of football and he played football. When he was young , he had a very good relationship with his mom. He was a great child for his mom. They hada very emotional attachment as mother and son. His mom was his best friend when he was a kid. The mother had a very strong relationship with her son.

At age 12, he had some news that can of changed a lot of things. HGis lief received a different course after receiving the news about his fathers death. This changed his life a lot. His relationship with his mother changed also. He became rebellious and was not steady. He started disrespecting his parents and eventually left their family house.

He was living in abandon building, and was eating in trash canes. He was stealing from grocery store just to survive.

He started something with some group of friends on campus. He did not know he was a good speaker. He use to talk a lot but he never saw it as a profession. When he went to college and saw African American male willing to succeed he was very inspired. This was the first time he found himself among positive African American men. In his past he will just talk about girls, guns and drugs.

He started working with this group of positive guys and they started doing programs together. So one day one of the guys did not show up to speak she he had his chance to talk that day. From then on he became a public speaker.

” what is unique about my speaking is that it come from the heart. I am very honest about me when am talking. I am not afraid to talk about my failures”

Here is website. Click HERE to Learn more about his business.



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